Calm for a Busy Mind (guided anxiety reduction exercise + written advice pdf) - all you need to help you manage anxiety on the go.

Kirsty Anna Sinclair
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This guided audio exercise helps you manage anxiety. It's instantly available through downloading it onto your device, ready whenever you need it. The microbook of guidance is for you to download, read and keep; it gives you background information and knowledgeable advice about anxiety management, and includes an anxiety kit list to help you create a discreet physical help toolkit for when anxiety starts to arise.

Description details:

  • A calming guided audio exercise, uniquely written and recorded by me particularly for anxiety reduction and support
  • knowledgeable guidance from a wellbeing expert, teacher and mentor with over 25 years of professional experience
  • A pdf format microbook of information and guidance, "The Panic Button", which contains anxiety management advice, and an mp3 audio file
  • Instantly accessible pdf download upon purchase, in beautiful and high quality formatting for easy reading on any device
  • the information and guidance contains an illustrated holistic anxiety toolkit list that you can personalise according to your needs and preferences
  • this product is a drug-free support system that can empower you in managing your anxiety independently

How Calm for a Busy Mind can help you:

  • this audio exercise is discreet, available for you to use on your device whenever you need to, and as often as you need to; nobody needs to know that you're listening to it!
  • This is an instantly available resource, easy to download onto your device and access the guiding voice to help with your anxiety symptoms straight away
  • you'll know you're always prepared so that you can go out or make plans with greater confidence; you're never struggling alone when you've got this to help you
  • Are you worried about taking drugs to suppress anxiety symptoms? In that case, this could be perfect for you. This is a drug-free approach that can help re-programme your nervous system's default anxiety response to environments beyond your control
  • This is a positive written and audio toolkit, uniquely formulated by a compassionate professional, who has first-hand experience of anxiety and the difficulties it can cause
  • The audio format means all you need to do to access it is to switch it on, listen and follow; you just plug in and follow the calm, clear, spoken instructions
  • This guided audio exercise is available to help you in all kinds of situations, including accessing public transport, attending events or appointments, travel delays, unexpected changes of plan or loneliness-related anxiety. It's always available.
  • With practice, this tool can help you learn to return from an anxiety state independently, as the practice becomes more familiar and you may remember what to do.

What to do now:

  • Hit the 'Buy this' button. You'll be given payment instructions, then sent an email receipt with a button to instantly download your audio and written package. It's simple to access, and available to you whenever you need it. You're not waiting for a delivery; your audio and written guidance arrive on your device as soon as you hit the download button.

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Wishing you a peaceful and joyful, anxiety-free life.

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Calm for a Busy Mind (guided anxiety reduction exercise + written advice pdf) - all you need to help you manage anxiety on the go.

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